Face Mask Filters (Polypropylene)

Face Mask Filters (Polypropylene)

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Canada's Public Health recommends face masks be made of at least 3 layers, including 2 layers of a tightly woven fabric, such as cotton or linen.

A third (middle) layer of a filter-type fabric, such as non-woven polypropylene fabric, that is washable is also recommended. 

This is a reusable filter made with 100% Non-woven Polypropylene (Spunbond).


  • Reusable/ Washable up to 50 degrees C.
  • Hydrophobic - meaning the filter repels water and it offers excellent moisture resistance. 
  • Won’t mold or deteriorate in the presence of bacteria, mold, or other elements.
  • Can be washed/reused up to 5 times.

Fits easily into the filter pocket of any of our masks.

Size: 3" x 4.75"

Made in the United States. 


Your masks are 100% cotton with soft a durable high quality elastics.

To maintain the shape, size and elasticity refer to the following instructions:

  1. We strongly recommend hand washing your masks with warm water.
  2. Use a gentle detergent like Soak, and lightly rub out any makeup, or dirt on the mask. 
  3. Lay the mask flat to dry.
  4.  We do not recommend tumble drying the mask to maintain the integrity of the mask. 
  5. You may iron the mask on low.

Filter Guidlines

  • Place a recommended filter (Coffee, Vacuum, HEPA etc.) inside the pocket between the two layers of fabric. Use a new filter after every use

Wear Guide:

  1. Wash mask before first use and after every use.
  2. With clean hands, use the elastic loops to put on and remove your mask to prevent contamination.
  3. Avoid touching your mask from the front while wearing. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Rebecca (Midland, CA)
The personal service and quick delivery of very high quality masks.

I now have 6 of these masks, 3 in each colour. I am a physician and am very careful to wear a mask when I am out in public. However, I also love clothes and fashion. These masks are beautifully made, the fit is excellent and they look very good on the wearer. I feel elegant wearing one, like I was attending a masked ball! If I ever have an excuse for a fancier occasion, I’ll be buying one of the lace ones!

Marilyn Daniels (Ancaster, CA)
I love the masks, they fit well, and I feel much safer with the polypropylene layer.

My only suggestion is to have slots on both sides of the mask as I find it hard to insert the polypropylene insert from one side without it folding over.

Mary Taylor (Toronto, CA)
Like the quality of the masks and the filters - goo protection, and well- fitted.

The masks fit well around the nose, and there are no gaps in the fit around the face. I feel well protected wearing these masks, as the weave of the fabric is tight, and the polypropylene filters provide extra protection.

Lisa Jeffrey (Toronto, CA)
mask filters work well!

I use the mask filters frequently. I'm glad to find a reliable source for mask filters. They fit into your masks quite easily, and they
don't make it difficult to breathe through the mask or make my glasses fog up.

John Henderson (Carleton Place, CA)
Nice quality

Very nice material, good quality and comfortable to wear. I also like that they are Canadian. Fast shipping.

Brian P (Richmond Hill, CA)
They allow me to feel safe

I have anxiety as it is. These finally give me a sense of protection