About Us

Mayana Genevière® is a high luxe, intimate apparel line designed to celebrate and support the journey of womanhood. Initially created to bridge the gap between fashion lingerie and maternity undergarments (with a focus on the restoration required during postnatal recovery), this innovative intimate apparel brand has evolved into a versatile line capturing the essence and needs of a woman as she transitions through life’s many stages.

Changing the undergarment industry on a global scale, Mayana Genevière® is the innovator behind ALUXTRA™ Clasp-Free Technology. The revolutionary patented function is signature to every bra in the brand cleverly conceals the bra’s nursing capabilities. This unique feature allows for a bra that supports the breasts during maternity, nursing and beyond.

Developed and designed with impeccable attention to detail, every garment from bra to control bottom, is carefully crafted to fit the curves, changes and needs of a woman. Special attention has been placed on comfort required to support women during the transitional moments of life. Nursing, body changes and the ebb and flow of personal preference no longer need to compromise on fashionable undergarments or personal wardrobe style.


With social responsibility at the forefront of garment construction, our brand takes pride in ethical sourcing and quality of production in-house at the Mayana Genevière® Atelier in Toronto. With Canada once a leader in lingerie production, producing in Canada was a decision made from brand inception, where the working conditions and environmental practices are regulated and standardized. We are invested in revitalizing our skill with a dedicated team who work with passion to make every garment fit and function excellence, design and made exclusively for you.