About us

As women, we go through many transitions, with motherhood being one of our most life altering experiences.  Having a baby changes our bodies, our lives, our relationships and for some of us, our identity. Prioritizing yourself (especially as a mother) can be a challenge at times.  As a woman owned and operated brand, we understand through shared experience. We’ve all compromised our fashion sense for comfort, or support for style, and often when it comes to the pieces that matter most, our undergarments.

 At Mayana Genevière, we are proud to create unique, practical and body inclusive garments that not only enhance your wardrobe, but support your well-being as an extension of your self-care.  Initially created to bridge the gap between fashion lingerie and the support needed for postpartum recovery, our innovative intimate apparel brand has evolved into a versatile line capturing the essence and needs of a woman as she transitions through life’s many stages.

It is our belief you deserve the very best in fit, function, quality and support without compromise, whether you’re a new and/ or existing mother, or a woman in search of more from her foundational pieces - nursing or not.  We are committed to supporting you through this journey so you can focus on being you.

 Mayana Genevière garments are produced in Toronto by women who are paid a fair wage. With social responsibility at the forefront of garment construction, our brand takes pride in ethical sourcing and quality of production in-house at our factory in Toronto. 

Producing in Canada was a decision made from brand inception, where the working conditions and environmental practices are regulated and standardized. We are a dedicated team who work with passion to make every garment fit and function excellence, design and made exclusively for you!

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